This woman wants everyone to know that Beyoncé copied her pregnancy photoshoot

How many times have you had an idea for a novel, a television show, or a song, only to hear/see it later? “I had that idea first!” we cry, before drowning our sorrows in chocolate. Well, this mom had the idea for the underwater pregnancy shoot made famous by Beyoncé first, and she wants to make sure everyone knows it…especially her daughter. We wonder what Beyoncé thinks! Despite the similarities, we have to agree that Beyoncé’s pregnancy photos are absolutely gorgeous. Can the woman take a bad photo? We seriously doubt it.

Nonetheless, this mom wants to make sure that her daughter knows she thought of the pregnancy shoot before Beyoncé

As Jhalia Harris told Buzzfeed, last year, her then-pregnant mom, Drina Adams (who has since given birth to a young son), decided to do an underwater maternity photo shoot “in order to get over her childhood fear of water after almost drowning.”

In a weird twist of timing, a few months later, one Beyoncé also shared underwater pregnancy photos via her website. There must be something in the water! Pun intended.

Of course, the minute Beyoncé’s photos hit the news, Jhalia immediately received a text from her mom, who pointed out thatshedid it first. “Catch up Bey!” the mom jokes.

As Jhalia explains:

“My mom is probably one of the funniest people I know, so I wasn’t surprised.

Of course, the fact that her text exchange with her mom has gone viral does surprise Jhalia Harris. As she told Buzzfeed, “I didn’t expect this to go viral simply because anyone who knows my mom and I know that I get goofy texts like this from my mom all the time!” Now that’s a mother-daughter duo we want to emulate.

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