Beyoncé’s Rapunzel-length ponytail is the embodiment of the hair flip emoji

The phrase “long hair, don’t care” just took on a whole new meaning, and it’s all thanks to Beyoncé.

Queen B just rocked what is, without a doubt, the most epic ponytail we’ve ever seen. And now we’re researching the longest hair extensions known to man. They’ll have to be pretty serious if we’re going to recreate her look. Beyoncé’s ponytail literally hung down to her knees.

Like we said, epic. The superstar rocked this look to celebrate the wedding of her close friend, Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian. Beyoncé beat the New Orleans heat in a dark blue asymmetrical wrap dress, nude sandals, and a choker — but her hair took center stage.

Beyoncé shared three posts to give her fans a glimpse at her wedding look, and the ponytail totally stole the spotlight in all three pictures. In two of the posts, the pony was flipped high over her head (eat your heart out, hair flipping emoji!) and the other showed us how the ‘do looked from behind (spoiler alert: it looked even better than what you probably imagined).

There were shots of other aspects of Bey’s wedding look (like close-ups of her geometric earrings and sultry makeup look), but we could barely look beyond that incredible ponytail.

Leave it to Beyoncé to redefine ponytail goals! Now off to research hair extensions.

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