Beyoncé Stuns in New Photos from Tiffany & Co. Ad Campaign

Diamonds are a Bey's best friend, and also, don't f*** with her sis.

Every queen needs her jewels and, for Beyoncé, they come in a Tiffany Blue box.

The Grammy Award winner recently collaborated with the historic jewelry brand on a campaign that’s all about loving yourself as you “Lose Yourself in Love.”

If there’s one thing we know about Beyoncé, it’s that she is dripping in #ConfidenceGoals — just like Tiffany & Co. drips glamorous jewels across her dazzling dress. 

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The new video release shows a black-and-white party scene reminiscent of the ultra hot Studio 54 disco era, complete with dancers of all shapes, sizes and vibes. It’s about as close as we’re going to get to an a “Summer Renaissance” music video, but we’re entertained and inspired no less as we wait for the real deal.

Many of the Tiffany & Co. pieces in the collection were created exclusively for Beyoncé, who recently partnered with the lifestyle brand. An example is the newest design, the Tiffany Lock, which symbolizes “togetherness and inclusivity” according to the designer’s official landing page.

Meanwhile, after the success of solo albums such as “A Seat at the Table” and “When I Get Home,” younger sister Solange Knowles debuted her latest project on a stage, without her being on stage, with an original composition for the New York City Ballet.

It appears Bey may have attended one of the earlier performances, which debuted on September 29, 2022. “My beloved sister, there are no words to express the pride and admiration I have for you,” Beyoncé tenderly wrote on Instagram. “You are a visionary and one of one.” 

Solange’s accomplishment is not only personal, but historic as well. Following in the footsteps of Lido Pimienta, who broke ground with her composition “Lux Aeterna” in 2021, Solange is the second woman of color to be commissioned for original music from New York City Ballet.

“Congratulations on being the first African American woman to compose for the New York City Ballet,” Beyoncé continues in her post. “The piece you composed is phenomenal. I love you deep.”

We love seeing the sisterly affection and support from Beyoncé to Solange, right down to Bey’s final line of her post: 

“Might I suggest you don’t f*** with my sis.”

Might we suggest you’re 100% right, Queen.

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