Beyoncé performed at the wedding of India’s richest family, and it was the OTR II tour minus Jay-Z

It’s not uncommon for celebrities and musicians to make quick side cash performing at millionaire and billionaire weddings. Lady Gaga performed at a $10 million wedding in Los Angeles last year, and Mariah Carey reportedly made $4 million when she performed at a London wedding in 2017. Beyoncé may have taken the cake, though, when she performed at a pre-wedding event on December 9th, 2018 for the richest man in India’s daughter. Even better? Her show was basically the On the Run II tour.

Mukesh Ambani is the chairman of Reliance Industries and has a net worth of $47 billion, according to Forbes.Over the weekend, his daughter, Isha Ambani, began wedding festivities with her fiancé Anand Piramal, who hails from an equally wealthy family. Though Reuters couldn’t confirm Queen B’s pay for the event, we’re guessing she was taken care of well into the millions.

Just to get a ballpark idea about this wedding’s influence and wealth, Beyoncé didn’t perform at the wedding (which starts today in Mumbai), she performed at a pre-wedding event in Udaipur—which Priyanka Chopra (Ambani was in Chopra’s bridal party), Nick Jonas, and the Clintons all attended. According to Reuters, guests accessed all the wedding festivities through a custom app and traveled to the remote city of Udaipur via chartered jets. Oh, we forgot to mention…John Legend performed at the couple’s engagement party.

Usually when a celebrity performs at a rich person’s wedding, it’s a one-and-done performance of their most romantic ballad. Leave it to Beyoncé to bring out dancers and her band to execute an entire mini-concert. Thank god for the Beyhive who compiled various social media clips from the wedding and put it on YouTube.

Like, c’mon, it’s the On the Run II tour minus Jay-Z.


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