Beyoncé ordering off a menu has, of course, become a meme

Everything Beyoncé touches turns to gold. That’s pretty much a fact. Whether it’s the singer showing off her latest outfit on Instagram or just generally existing, she can’t really do any wrong. And now, Beyoncé is also a meme, which is pretty much the internet’s version of gold anyway.

Bey showed off a night out on Instagram — posting photos of her outfit, closeups of her makeup, and a few casual candid photos from dinner. The latter is what the internet has been fawning over because it’s just so meme-worthy. Beyoncé points to a menu — which happens to look like a literal receipt — and fans took to Twitter to suggest what she could have been telling the waitress she’s talking to.

Beyoncé wore a plunging scarlet dress with matching lipstick, her long hair in box braids, and a pair of matching statement earrings to complete the look. In the “meme,” the singer is seen pointing to the menu, a waitress standing behind her, probably eager to hear what she has to say. false

The internet, as always, was ready to put their own two cents into the equation, firing off meme after meme of hilarious Bey-isms that we can’t get enough of.

Of course, Bey always has the receipts, and now we have the meme to prove that. Honestly, we wouldn’t be angry if we could just communicate all our feelings in Beyoncé memes.

Thanks for always being our meme queen, Beyoncé!

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