Beyonce opened the BET Awards, owned everything

If the real world has anything like Daenerys Stormborn, Khaleesi, and Mother of Dragons, it’s got to be Beyonce Knowles, Queen, and Mother of Blue. Her opening performance at the BET Awards on Sunday was no exception to the rule that where Bey goes, there goes glory.

Her incredible performance with Kendrick Lamar started out intense, and only got more incredible. Over the words of Martin Luther King Jr., Bey’s dancers stalked up to the stage through the aisles of the auditorium. Beyonce appeared, like some kind of magical pegasus, center stage, standing in a FREAKING POOL OF WATER, with enough strobe lights and orange light to blind us for life (seriously though, you could angle a desk lamp at her and we’d still be dazzled).

What followed was an astonishing performance of “Freedom,” one of the most empowering and stirring tracks from Lemonade. With her dancers running through the stage-spanning shallow pool, sprays of water kept hitting the orange and yellow lights, making it look as if Beyonce was literally standing in flames (see, we weren’t kidding about the Khaleesi comparison.)


With gusts of real flame shooting up behind her, male dancers soon joined the women, filling the stage, as Kendrick Lamar joined Beyonce with some seriously tongue-twisting, powerful rapping. The finale featured both Kendrick and Bey in the pool, splashing up mega jets of water at each other as they danced.


The totally incredible performance was absolutely (Bey)ond our expectations, and left the audience in near hysteria — and that was just the beginning of the show! Not content to leave us with only an awe-inspiring opening, Beyonce also apparently jetted out shortly after, leaving her mother, Tina Knowles, to accept the award for Video of the Year on her behalf.

You know how it goes, once the Queen has already won your country over, she’s got to move on to the next domination.

Live or relive the stunning performance of “Freedom” here.

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