Ring the alarm: Beyoncé just dropped a new song, “Runnin’ (Lose It All)”

Beyoncé’s spent the past year relatively quiet on the music front, which, for Beyoncé, still means putting out hit records and videos with collaborators like Nicki Minaj. But since the great album drop of 2013, wherein her self-titled fifth album reinvented the music release model and introduced the phrase “to pull a Beyoncé,” we’ve all wondered how she’d go about releasing new music. Well, now we have our answer.

Producer Naughty Boy had been teasing a collaboration with Queen B for days. The song, titled “Runnin’ (Lose It All),” also features singer Arrow Benjamin, but the crown jewel is, of course,  all-new Beyoncé vocals. Given the artwork and video visuals Naughty Boy had been tweeting all week, we’d anticipated something immersive and water-themed — and, boy, did the entire team deliver.

The song dropped via its music video, and it’s an absolute powerhouse of a ballad. Its production is a well of romanticism typical of trance music, and it features Bey (here, the flighty object of Arrow Benjamin’s similarly-driven affection) crooning “I’m ready to face it all.”  It’s as much a great workout song, as it is the kind of song you’d sing during a particularly desperate bout of shower karaoke — aka a perfect addition to the Beyoncé canon.

Set entirely “in” the ocean, the video follows two lovers engaging in a gravity-untethered, interpretive swim-dance. It’s a gorgeous imagining of the equally epic song; watch and listen below, and get ready to jam.

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