Beyoncé is being mommy-shamed for this photo

People on the internet can sometimes be the worst. Case in point: Beyoncé is being mommy-shamed for a photo she posted to Instagram, a clear indication that the internet needs to calm down. The photo happens to be a gorgeous shot of Beyoncé sipping wine while, presumably, out at a bar or restaurant.

And people are just SO mad about it.

Half of the internet haters are up in arms about a new mom drinking alcohol when she’s breastfeeding. The other half decided for themselves that because Beyoncé drank a glass of wine, it must mean she chose not to breastfeed Sir and Rumi at all, which of course they’re super angry about.

Here’s the Beyoncé photo in question:

Several people voiced their opinions in the comments of the picture.

“You can’t drink wine when you’re breastfeeding. What are you thinking?” commented one person. “Are you seriously drinking while breastfeeding your babies? Get a clue,” another person wrote.

But among all the shaming comments are supportive ones. “…having a glass of wine/a beer if you’re breastfeeding isn’t bad,” someone wrote. “My sons pediatrician even told me if I want to enjoy a glass or two of wine or a beer that’s ok. As long as you wait an hour before feeding. People need to get their facts straight before shaming someone on what they CHOOSE to do.”

We don’t need to get into all the reasons why it’s completely safe for a woman who is breastfeeding have a glass of wine, because the truth is, it’s none of our business. Yes, Beyoncé recently gave birth to twins. Yes, she’s a new mom with responsibilities. But Beyoncé, along with every other mom, can make her own decisions about having a drink. It’s up to her, not the internet.

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