Watch Beyoncé’s mom, Tina Knowles-Lawson, dance to a Destiny’s Child song in this #goals-worthy workout video

For most of us, the idea of our parents posting anything to social media and it going viral is enough to induce some major anxiety. But when you’re Beyoncé and your mother is the ultra-cool, ultra-fine Ms. Tina Knowles-Lawson, a dancing Instagram video here and there is more than acceptable.

Mama Knowles has single-handedly debunked the myth that parents just don’t know how to use Instagram. As the mother of Beyoncé and Solange, we figured her life would be kind of awesome, but in 2015, assumptions were confirmed when she started sharing moments of her life with us on the ‘gram.

Not only does she manage to take great photos and videos (instead of just capturing half her face and most of the ceiling and calling them selfies), her caption game is also pretty hilarious. It’s beyond clear that Ms. Lawson is out here living her very best life.

And sometimes that includes posting Destiny’s Child-inspired couples workout videos with husband, Richard Lawson, while rocking Ivy Park.

The video was posted on Friday and confirmed two things: 1. Tina and Richard are just like us: They, too, start their mornings dancing to Beyoncé. And 2. Together, Tina and Richard are all kinds of #goals-worthy goodness.

The couple was joined by a small group of friends breaking down choreo to Destiny’s Child’s 2004 hit “Lose My Breath” — which happens every day, apparently. We definitely can’t keep up!

“We work out every morning very early😩we do different routines every day. I’m not so great on this one but give me another week and I’ll be like “watch me now😂. Rocking that IVY PARK❤️, Tina captioned the Insta vid.

When she isn’t posting workout videos or photos of her kids and grandkids, Tina is busy collecting supplies and providing help to Texas residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. We know the Knowles family is originally from H-Town, aka Houston, and we think giving to the community in its time of need is a wonderful gesture.

“We do special things in the community, feed the homeless, we have housing, Tina told ETOnline. “It’s so sentimental seeing Beyoncé here, because she hadn’t been able to come for a long time. She started singing on this stage, so it’s real emotional.

Whether it’s dance routines or philanthropic efforts, everything Ms. Tina Lawson does makes our hearts smile.

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