Beyoncé’s mom just posted the *cutest* pool party throwback on Instagram

Forget the filters and the likes, the best part of Instagram is actually our ability to see parts of celebrities’ lives that we never would have before, including photos from before Instagram even existed. Thanks to Tina Knowles, we just got the best throwback in honor of Solange’s 30th birthday: a pool party picture from her 3rd birthday party.

“This is Solange’s 3rd birthday party,” Tina wrote.  “We created a huge bootleg water world with slip and slides and pools everywhere.” Tina goes on to explain how they even had a Michael Jackson impersonator come to the event, who was so convincing that Solange thought it was the singer himself.

The photo features a young Solange in a paddling pool, pointing her toe and already looking the like the fierce woman she grew up to be. Commenters even pointed out that her 3-year-old self looks an awful lot like Blue Ivy, her niece. And, we can’t tell, is that a young Beyoncé to the left?

It’s clear Solange had a ball at her 3rd birthday (how could she not?) and we hope her 30th birthday is just as special. If we were her, we’d recreate this party down to the last detail, because everything is better with a Slip ‘n Slide and a Michael Jackson impersonator. Happy birthday!

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