Beyonce might have fallen at the Super Bowl, but you probably missed it

Did you notice Beyonce looking like she *almost* fell during the Super Bowl half-time show last night? If not, you’re not alone — you could have blinked and totally missed it. After all, we’re talking about Beyonce here. She could fall down a flight of stairs and somehow make it look like it was all a part of her routine. But our breath did catch in our throats at the thought of Bey falling.

But let’s back up. The last couple days have been *huge* for Bey. She just dropped a new song, “Formation,” which OMG. And then during the Super Bowl, in classic Beyonce style, she announced her Formation tour, which led people to have Adele-style freakouts. So honestly, if Bey tripped, we would not blame her whatsoever — girl must be EXHAUSTED.

If you missed it, she was dancing flawlessly, as per usual, when she jumped backwards and stumbled just a little bit. It looked, for a second, like she might fall backwards — but she regained her footing and didn’t miss a beat. Neither did the Beyhive, who quickly responded to her amazing balance:

Others pointed out that because it’s Beyonce we’re talking about here, it couldn’t have been an almost-fall:

So there you have it. It wasn’t Beyonce’s fault; it was the Earth’s fault. (Either way, she slayed, as always.)

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