Beyoncé lullaby covers are coming, so prepare to jam yourselves to sleep

Who ever heard of a Beyoncé song putting someone to sleep? Queen Bey’s music gets us all the way pumped, but with the upcoming release of Beyoncé lullaby covers, pretty soon we’ll be jamming ourselves to sleep. According to Idolator, LA-based label Rockabye Baby! — the same company that made lullabies out of Rihanna’s music — will release Lullaby Renditions Of Beyoncé on February 24th.

But wait — how does anyone expect us to snooze while Bey sings? The only person who sleeps on Beyoncé’s music is that concertgoer who played Pokémon GO while Bey was performing feet away from her, but we just chalked that up to a case of temporary, app-induced insanity.

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Given the fact that the label has given the lullaby treatment to artists like Nirvana, Fall Out Boy, Jay Z, David Bowie Kanye West, Adele, Taylor Swift and The Beatles, among others, we’re going to trust that they can make a snooze-worthy, kid-friendly tracks out of Beyoncé’s songs.

Here’s the full tracklisting for the album:

1. Crazy In Love
2. Hold Up
3. Irreplaceable
4. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
5. Say My Name
6. Love On Top
7. Countdown
8. Run the World (Girls)
9. Naughty Girl
10. Drunk in Love
11. Listen
12. Sorry
13. Halo

Beyoncé’s voice is known for captivating the masses, so let’s have a listen to the lullaby rendition of “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” and see if we can keep our eyes open, shall we?

OMG, how friggin’ adorable is that? But honestly guys, we don’t know how effective this is going to be because we couldn’t stop ourselves from subtly grooving while it played. Hopefully it will lull babies and young children to sleep, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the number of babies dancing to “Single Ladies” skyrockets in the coming months.

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