Beyoncé would be proud of this little boy’s “Formation” dance moves

Since the release of Beyoncé’s new video last week, Beyoncé fans everywhere have been teaching themselves her “Formation” dance moves. Because when there’s a new Beyoncé video, there are new dance moves to be learned.

One tiny Beyoncé acolyte has been studying her Super Bowl choreography, clearly preparing to be one of her next backup dancers. Or at least a dancer that dances in front of the TV while his parents film him. Either way, he’s adorable and he has some pretty sweet moves that Beyoncé herself would be proud of.

Check out the cutest little boy doing his best Beyoncé:

Okay, so maybe he’s not quiiiiite ready to hit the Beyoncé stage, but with enough practice, we believe he’ll be ready to Formation his way into Beyoncé’s heart. Or music video.

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