Beyoncé released a “Lemonade” book that belongs on every Beyhive member’s coffee table

There’s nothing like a beautiful coffee table book. Besides making you feel like way more of an adult than you actually are, the hefty piece also serves as some major inspiration. Whether you’re flipping through your favorite designer’s work, or the career of your favorite musician, there’s something intimate about having a piece of your role model in your house. Fortunately, we can have that experience with a book from our favorite Queen, Beyoncé.

How To Make Lemonade is a 600-page book that takes us on a never-before-seen journey through the performer’s most significant, and visually stunning, album.

Specifically, How To Make Lemonade takes us behind the scenes of Beyoncé’s most political album to date. Not only will we be getting some incredible and stellar photography — with plenty of fashion, of course — but we’ll also be able to delve deeper into the meaning behind Beyoncé’s work.

The book takes us through Lemonade, revealing all the collaborators, designers, and artists who came together to make the album such a success.

With everything from collages of stills from the video, vintage family portraits, outtakes, and exclusive photos, this is the perfect book for any Bey fanatic.

Of course, this is a book about Lemonade, so there’s plenty of social commentary in it, too. From explaining the connection between headdresses and Louisiana’s Tignon laws — which restricted how Creole woman dress to maintain the state’s racist hierarchies — to Bey’s exploration of being a black woman today, How To Make Lemonade is as striking socially as it is visually.

You can pre-order The Collectors Edition How To Make Lemonade Box Set for $299.99 here.

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