Beyoncé’s latest Ivy Park video is basically an extension of her visual album

Is there anything Beyoncé does (career-wise or other), objectively, that isn’t stunningly beautiful? Yes, that question is most definitely rhetorical. Because of course there isn’t.

The musician and mogul exudes grace and talent out of every pore on her body, so it’s no surprise that Beyoncé’s latest Ivy Park video is basically a visual work of poetry. After all, she’s no stranger to the art form. The Lemonade HBO special was as captivating as it was groundbreaking, and this Instagram clip from the artist feels like an extension of that out-of-the-box creativity.

In the Instagram post, Beyoncé is both modeling the AW16 collection of Ivy Park activewear and explaining to her followers, and customers, what her body goes through when performing and exercising. And she does so in a way that appeals viewers to her personal side. The singer makes the connection between her successes – physical, emotional, and professional – intrinsic to sporting her clothing brand.

It’s one hell of an advertisement without feeling like one at all.

The reason Beyoncé’s Ivy Park video is so poetic, is that it uses real footage of her life as the physical proof that what she’s saying holds weight, in addition to the spoken word-type of vibe it gives off. I mean, who can resist seeing Blue Ivy’s precious little face, as well as cameos by hubby Jay Z and mom, Tina Knowles Lawson?

It’s clear that the queen believes in her brand enough to make a video advertisement that digs so deep.

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