Beyoncé just posted the most relatable marriage pic of all time

When Beyoncé decides to release a photo of herself to the world, it tends to look PERFECT — in an either fierce or fabulous way. And we love all of them. But, today, she shared a photo with her fans that has the internet talking for a slightly different reason.


Omg. Lol. This might be the most relatable photo of Jay-Z we’ve ever seen. What are spouses (or even friends) for these days if not for taking BOMB pics?

And, right on cue, we have a meme:

That LEAN. We love it.

Not only is Jay great at capturing photos of his wife, but he’s also A+ at getting photos of Bey and Blue Ivy. The Carters are currently in Paris, where they have been taking tons of adorable photos. In matching dresses!!!!! Did Jay take these adorable pics, too? I think we can assume, yes.

Never change, Bey and Jay.

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