Beyoncé is more interested in recovering than hitting the gym to work on her post-baby body

What’s Beyoncé’s secret to looking so good? Being Beyoncé. After sharing the first picture of the twins on Instagram, many people thought that the singer had started going to the gym again to work on her post-baby body. But it turns out that’s not the case at all.

A source close to the singer told People that Beyoncé hasn’t started to work out since the birth of Rumi and Sir Carter. She looks great in the picture because she always looks great!

"Beyoncé hasn’t started to work out yet," the source says. "She is all about recovering."

The picture was her first since giving birth to the twins, and everyone is super jealous of her post-baby body. Who wouldn’t be? false

Bey also posted another picture on Instagram hours after the cute picture of the twins. It shows her wearing a cute and curvy mini, paired with sky-high black heels and a trendy fur bag. She is looking good on her night out with Jay-Z!

It really should be no surprise to anyone, since Bey is the queen of everything. And we think it’s awesome that she’s focusing on recovery and not working on a post-baby body. And technically, doesn’t everyone who gives birth have a post-baby body?

We’re glad that she’s focused on being happy and healthy and not trying to live up to any body image standards. Giving birth is super hard, so it makes sense to recuperate as much as possible. She did the same thing with Blue Ivy!

Seeing Beyoncé, the twins, Blue Ivy, and Jay-Z happy and healthy is the most important thing. And since Beyoncé is our queen, she’s going to look fabulous doing it, of course.

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