Beyoncé Is Better At Social Media Than You

In case you forgot, Beyoncé recently sang “The Star Spangled Banner” at Barack Obama’s second inauguration. Although there was some controversy over whether or not she lip-synched her performance, in general, she killed it (as B often does).

Here she is casually holding hands with the POTUS. You know, all in a day’s work.Beyoncé is a superstar—we already knew this. The real story here is Beyoncé’s plot to take over the world, not as a singer, but as a social media maven. Earlier this week, Beyoncé announced the launch of The Beyhive Bloga blog which “showcases the inspiring things [she] comes across everyday”. Sign me up, literally (you have to sign up to gain access).

What I love about Beyoncé is the manner in which she constantly steps up her game. The Behive Blog is simply another piece of Beyoncé’s media empire. The woman is everywhere these days. Love the internet? You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. She’s gracing the cover of GQ, singing for the President and announcing her upcoming HBO special, Super Bowl performance and now her blog. Unstoppable force? Indeed.

Below are some pictures of The Beyhive Blog and as a bonus: a quick guide to the things Beyoncé Instagrams.

Things Beyoncé Instagrams No. 1: Beyoncé Working 

Beyoncé is a hard worker and she wants you to know it.

Here she is observing her kingdom.

Here she is singing to her kingdom.

Here she is walking amongst the commoners.

Things Beyoncé Instagrams No. 2: Full-Body Shots of Beyoncé

Beyoncé is fit, fabulous and fierce and more importantly she wants you to know about it. Here are just a few of the many full-body outfits Beyoncé has shared with us via Instagram. What I’m wondering is who is taking all these pictures? Jay-Z? 

Michael Jackson meets Mufasa?

“I am Beyoncé, my top knot is fiercer than yours.”

 If Beyoncé says blue is in, it’s in.

Or yellow.

Or red.

Where is she posing for all these pictures?

Is her backyard a bunch of industrial sets?

Things Beyoncé Instagrams No. 3: #flasbackfriday

If you are a human being under the age of 35 then you probably know what the hashtag #tbt means: Throw Back Thursday. This is the phenomenon in which people instagram old pictures of themselves. These pictures typically fall into three categories:

A) you as a child

B) you looking really hot, even if it wasn’t that long ago

C) you looking terrible/hilarious

Beyoncé is no exception, she loves a good vintage photo. However since she is Beyoncé, one of the world’s reigning divas, she refuses to participate in this ritual on the same day as everyone else. Thus B Instagrams her old pictures on Fridays under the hashtag #flasbackfriday.

“Damn, I look good in silver-tinted lipstick.”

At this point she already knew she would dominate the world,

thus the smile.

Things Beyoncé Instagrams No. 4: Inspirations & Personal Notes

Beyoncé loves to inspire/be inspired. She routinely posts shout outs to those she loves and quotes which inspire her.

Michelle Obama, a worthy shout out.


Beyoncé the philosopher.

There you have it, Beyoncé the media maven in all her glory. Though occasionally she appears in the media as a figure of controversy, overall Beyoncé continues to be a symbol of power and independence for women around the world. Whether you love her or hate her, one things is pretty clear— Beyoncé is here to stay.

All images via Beyonce’s Instagram & The Beyhive Blog

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