Beyoncé’s latest Instagram videos are short, mesmerizing masterpieces

Yes, Beyoncé is a superstar. Yes, Beyoncé is a fashion icon. But don’t forget — Beyoncé is also a master business woman, and her three most recent Instagram videos are the freshest proof.

The latest vids are brief, and they play in a loop. The film is grainy and reminiscent of the seventies or eighties, and each of them focuses on a specific detail. One shows her in a pose, emphasizing the leggings she has on. Another features the Ivy Park logo flashing in black and white. And another shows off her hooded, camouflage-patterned jacket. Subtle trap music plays in the background.

All the clips are very atmospheric and artsy, making you forget that she’s selling you these clothes and instead making you want to look as badass as her by donning the same threads. (You know, like the “One time I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops. So I bought army pants and flip flops” phenomenon.)

Check them out for yourself:

We don’t know about you, but after watching those, we’re feeling like buying a cool camo jacket and jogging through the streets like the badasses we are.

Thanks, Bey.

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