This Beyoncé-Hamilton mashup #HAM4BEY is just the thing your music-loving heart has been longing for

We all love Beyoncé.  We all love Hamilton. So why the heck has it taken so long for the Music Gods to give us a Beyoncé/Hamilton mashup? Meet #HAM4BEY. Six singers. One YouTube video. All mash-up magic.


It’s REAL hard to pick a favorite part of this mash-up. We are a little partial to the “Survivor”/”My Shot” section. But also when Charlie’s Angels‘ “Independent Woman” melts right into the Destiny’s Child-inspired Schuyler Sisters singing about the Constitution? That’s mashup genius right there for you. Oh, also Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” was like, basically destined to be mixed right into Hamilton’s “Helpless.” Aaaaaah, SO GOOD.

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We could go on and on. #HAM4BEY is six minutes of musical gold. If you’re in a grouchy mood, we highly recommend giving this vid a spin. Or, like, ten thousand spins. It’s basically impossible to be pissy after watching the two greatest musical forces known to humankind join forces. Sheer auditory awesomeness, we tell you.

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We’re basically ruined for mashups now. Like, how’s is the art form ever going to top this? We believe in the glory and the majesty of mashups, but we just don’t know how much more glorious and majestic you can get. The TWO BEST MUSIC THINGS EVER were just combined. Where do we even GO from here?

What a time to be alive, you guys. What a time to be alive.

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