The Beyoncé gift guide you always knew you needed

Alright. The holidays are approaching and those of us that prefer to do some spur of the moment, inspired (aka last-minute) shopping are probably starting to freak out right about now. *giggles nervously*

Now, I am not saying that I am one of these people, BUT, if I were, I would try to come up with a quirky, yet simple gift that conveys, “Isn’t this the perfect gift for you? I am a great friend and I TOTALLY did not buy this at the last possible second.”

And do you want to know what conveys that exact message? Anything Beyoncé.

I don’t know one person that doesn’t like Beyoncé/The Queen of Everything, so I came up with a list of gifts that I plan on getting the Beyoncé-lovers in my life (and maybe even myself, tbh) not at the last-minute . . . because I bought these already . . .

The Original KALE Sweatshirt, $64

Who wants a sweatshirt that says YALE when you can have a sweatshirt that says KALE? I mean, move over Rory Gilmore because Beyoncé knows what’s up.

If you want to go cheaper, there are stores on Etsy that offer similar designs (and in multiple colors).

Hey – and if you’re crafty, you could probably even make a quick stop at a craft store and create the same design (but with glitter, because why not?).

Beyoncé Buttons, $4.82 for the complete set

For the messenger bag that everyone wishes they had.

What Would Beyoncé Do? Print, $15

This is both chic and classy, and I want it to go above my work desk right this instant.

Beyoncé ROYALS T-shirt, $19.90

No words. Just wow. Bow down.

Beyoncé’s Je Ne Sais Quoi Nail Wraps, $18

These come from Beyoncé’s very own online store, so that basically makes you best friends with purchase, right?

Visual Album CD/DVD, $16

Make sure that all your bases are covered with this visual album CD/DVD. 14 songs and 17 videos – so that’s like 31 gifts all in one!

Flawless Necklace, $10

Why buy a typical looking FLAWLESS necklace when you can buy this one made from an original drawing?! Flawless and artsy.

Saint Beyoncé Prayer Candle, $13.67

Oh! And how could I forget this Beyoncé prayer candle? V. important. Not buying these online right now, totally have them all wrapped and ready to go already. Totally.

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