Beyoncé has launched a collection of merch for her new song and it’s awesome

To explain our mood over the past few days, all we have to say is: Beyoncé.

As if Queen Bey hasn’t give us enough already – a stunning music video and a Super Bowl performance that collectively helped us reach nirvana – she’s now released a line of merch for “Formation.” So we can easily express just how much we love being a part of the buzzing BeyHive.


For those who are bracing the winter weather, you can snuggle up in a “I twirl on them haters” sweatshirt ($60). With this crewneck on, it’s almost impossible to get cabin fever because you’ll be too #flawless:


Beyoncé in a suit of armor with the word “Slay” underneath? Yes, please! We’d proudly and unabashedly wear this tee ($35) every day of the week:


As for the “I got hot sauce in my bag” tote bag ($25): *slow clap*


Another genius product ($25) because – get it? – you literally have conversations on your cell phone:


If you’re currently experiencing a moment of defeat because of the above prices, Etsy is here to help. (Because Etsy store owners apparently waste no time when it comes to creating Beyoncé merch.)

This ($13.50+) is mandatory, especially if you and your ladies, ya know, want to get in formation:


It’s a super inspirational sweatshirt ($28+)! Complete with metallic lettering (which would 100% match his Roc necklaces):


A “I Twirl all my haters” t-shirt ($23+) with a clever design that makes the words actually look like they’re twirling:


ICONIC ($21+):


And if you’re in need of a cheeky Valentine’s Day card ($2):


Based on what we’ve seen thus far, we cannot wait to discover the other “Formation” products that are (most likely) currently in the works. Because we want nothing more than to embody this:


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