Beyoncé fans are not happy with the singer’s dad

After learning that Beyoncé had given birth to her twins this past weekend, we waited for Bey or Jay to make an official birth announcement via social media. Instead, Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew Knowles, was the first family member to announce the twins’ arrival — and members of the Beyhive are not happy with him.

Mr. Knowles tweeted out a congratulatory “happy birthday” photo stating, “They’re here!” This left a bad taste in Beyoncé fans’ mouths. The argument is that Mr. Knowles should have waited for Bey or Jay to make the first official social media announcement.

In his excitement, it looks like Granddad jumped the gun.

Fans replied to Mr. Knowles’ tweet with harsh words, even though we can’t be entirely sure that Bey didn’t okay the message.


The Beyhive is one protective bunch. Beyoncé’s own father isn’t even safe from their wrath.

Meanwhile, others are coming to Mr. Knowles’ aid, driving home the fact that no one knows if Bey and/or Jay gave him permission to post. false false

We ask the internet to look at the situation this way — yes, perhaps Mr. Knowles should not have been the first member of the family to share the twins’ birth announcement. But on the bright side, the twins are here! We’ve been waiting for this day for months.

And soon, this faux pas will be water under the bridge because you know Bey’s birth announcement is going to be life-altering, world-shattering, Earth-shaking goodness.

Good things are here and better things are coming. Congrats to Bey, Jay, and the entire Knowles-Carter family!

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