Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran perform ‘Drunk In Love’ together, our hearts burst

We have always loved Beyonce, obviously — and, of course, her rad songs that make us dance around our room holding a hairbrush as a microphone. And when Ed Sheeran debuted his cover of “Drunk In Love” last year, we obviously loved that, too. Because let’s be real, what could be better than Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran together?

That’s the exact question we were asking ourselves once again this weekend during New York’s Global Citizen Festival, where both Bey and Ed were performing. During her headlining set, Beyoncé asked Ed to join the stage with her. . . to sing “Drunk In Love,” TOGETHER. And it’s pretty much the best thing to ever happen to our ears, eyes, and hearts.

Also at the festival: Coldplay’s Chris Martin (who joined Ed in singing “Thinking Out Loud), Leonardo DiCaprio, Stephen Colbert, Ariana Grande, and Hugh Jackman, just to name a few. The festival, which took place in Central Park, is intended to promote and raise awareness about global development. Politicians, musicians, and celebrities came together to talk about issues such as climate change, refugee crises, and poverty.

Thanks, Bey, for calling Ed to the stage and making our hearts burst for an amazing and important cause. Check out the performance below and be prepared to have it stuck in your head all week / month / year.

(Image via YouTube)

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