The Beyoncé-Coldplay collaboration is here. Need we say more?

This may be Coldplay’s last album, but the guys are going out with a bang…and by a bang, we mean Beyoncé.

In honor of their forthcoming album, Head Full of Dreams, Coldplay released their dreamy new single, “Hymn for the Weekend” on Monday. The feel-good song is complimented by Beyoncé’s silky, ethereal vocals, which add much-needed depth to the otherwise sing-songy tune.

Coldplay’s bassist, Guy Berryman, spoke to BBC Radio about how this mega-collaboration came to be. “Chris was wanting to write a sort of party song,” he said. “The words were ‘Drinks on me, drinks on me.’ And we said to him, ‘You can’t say that. You can’t get away with that.’ Then the whole story of the song changed and then he asked Beyoncé to sing on it, and she very kindly said she would. And it was amazing. She came in. She did her thing. She’s unbelievably professional. I think she was in and out in five minutes. And we are so blessed to [have her] sing on one of our songs.”

Since releasing her last major album, Beyoncé, the Queen has laid low and stuck to small features on songs, which begs the question: might she be cooking up another legendary album drop?

Meanwhile, Coldplay’s forthcoming (and possibly final) album, Head Full of Dreams, is set for release on December 4. Until then, you can catch the full version of “Hymn for the Weekend,” below.

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