Beyoncé’s kids were the true stars of her behind-the-scenes “Making The Gift” special

It was all eyes on the adorable Carter kids last night, September 16th, thanks to Beyoncé’s gift of a surprise documentary special, aptly named Making The Gift. The special goes behind the scenes of Bey creating her album inspired by The Lion King, which premiered earlier this year.

Aside from being graced with Beyoncé’s raw, a cappella vocals via clips of her recording The Lion King: The Gift—which she created as “a love letter to Africa”—the hour-long special gave us a precious look at her young kids, eldest daughter Blue Ivy and toddler twins Rumi and Sir.

We’re calling it: These kids are destined for greatness.

While their parents are certified superstars, it’s clear that they value family time, too. Beyoncé and 7-year-old Blue nearly set the Beyhive ablaze last night with an inside look at their close mother-daughter relationship. The two are seen singing along to the upbeat album jam, “Mood 4 Eva” (which Jay-Z also raps on), rocking matching outfits, and even recording together.

Yes, Blue Ivy has a recording and writing credit on the anthem “Brown Skin Girl,” making her the youngest person to have a hot 100 hit on the Billboard charts.

Like we said, greatness.

"When I see fathers singing 'Brown Skin Girl' to their daughters, to know that my daughter can have the same opportunities and feel confident and feel like she doesn't have to take her braids down and she can comb her afro out and she can glisten in her brown skin, that is why I make music," Beyonce says in the documentary.

Blue’s 2-year-old twin siblings, Rumi and Sir, also got their chance to shine, with Bey sharing sweet moments between her and the toddlers as well as rare family group shots from their trip to Africa.

The usually private mama shared her innermost thoughts on motherhood in the special.

“When you're a mother, there's a love that you experience with your kids that's deeper than anything you can imagine," she says. "The love is beyond Earth and beyond time and space, and it's a connection that will be constant."

You can buy and stream The Gift now.

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