Beyoncé and Blue Ivy have a fashion-forward park stroll in Bey’s latest IG pics

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are not your average mother-daughter pair.

For the A-list relatives, typical bonding activities include walking “white” carpets in thousand dollar gowns

Or co-starring in your mother’s critically-acclaimed and universally-worshiped visual albums…


Or donning matching designer floral frocks in front of the Eiffel Tower.

By now, we should know that Blue and Queen Bey would never stroll around a park wearing beautiful printed fabrics without a photographer present.

Behold the latest gifts that Beyoncé posted for her public on Instagram:

Park bench posing with their equally camera-ready pet dog.

Bey is wearing a red textured pencil skirt, strappy golden sandals, a multicolor button up, and circular shades, while Blue Ivy is a blossoming fashionista (or maybe just a fashionista) in a collared pink and white dress with a matching flower crown.

Maternal slayage.

And here they are in a moving picture — just in case you did not yet grasp their superiority in the still images.

Beyoncé also posted a solo shot, allowing you to gaze at her entire outfit in all of its color-blocking glory.

Those ruffled sleeves tho.

A royal family.

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