Beyoncé has given birth, and we are all truly blessed right now

The wait is over, because Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins are FINALLY here.

While neither proud parent has formally announced their arrival, sources confirmed to People late Saturday evening that yes, the twins had been born.

“Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends,” the source told People. Currently, Beyoncé or the twins’ condition is not known, but let’s hope for the best and assume that mom and her new little ones are doing just fine.

For the other burning questions. NO, we don’t know exactly when the babies were born. NO, we don’t know if the babies are boys or girls — or one of each. NO, we don’t know their names. NO, we don’t know how much they weighed at the time of their birth (people love knowing how much babies weigh). And NO, we don’t know how big sis Blue Ivy is dealing with this yet.

Earlier this week, rumors started swirling that Beyoncé had given birth, or was very close to going into labor. It looks like that hunch was correct, and Us Weekly reports that the two new lil Carters did in fact come into the world earlier this week. Specific date, still unknown.

We are so, so thrilled to hear this and we’re sending nothing but an outpouring of love to Beyoncé, Jay Z, Blue, and the new babies. And now, the wait to learn their names begins.

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