Beyoncé has taught us the perfect way to wear a band tee

When the typically private and otherworldly Beyoncé Knowles posts a picture on her Instagram, the world takes notice — especially because her wardrobe is always magical.

And when our power couple of the century, Beyoncé  and Jay Z, attended the Madison Square Garden stop of Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour last night, they kindly documented it for us plebes.

But our Queen didn’t stop there. Since she knows exactly what the BeyHive needs, Yoncé provided a few trademark model shots of the ~rock and roll~ outfit she wore to the concert.

Dare I say that nobody has ever looked better in a band tee?

In addition to proving once again that she will never age past Survivor-era Bey, she is donning a Led Zeppelin t-shirt tucked into a leather pencil skit — and gurl is for real owning that ~leg slit~. And let’s acknowledge her dangly earrings and that one Stevie Nicks-esque long, flowy sleeve.

And never forget that Beyoncé sampled Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks” in “Don’t Hurt Yourself” from Lemonade — two incredible songs. Is this a ~shout-out~?

Is anyone else getting some serious “Baby Boy”-choreography vibes from her pose in this Insta vid?

Some playful mean-mugging between ’03 Bonnie and Clyde.

Only Bey could make a T-shirt so chic. #BowDown

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