Beyoncé and Blue Ivy rocked out at a Kendrick Lamar concert, and we could watch the video all day

While we have a feeling that Blue Ivy has seen her fair share of concerts (because, hello) she was recently spotted at a show where her parents weren’t on stage. Beyoncé took Blue Ivy to see Kendrick Lamar, and from the looks of it, the pair had an incredible time.

We must admit, we’re pretty impressed by Beyoncé — and not just for her musical talent. The singer just gave birth to twins Sir and Rumi back in June and has been seen all over town since. Being able to spend some special time with Blue Ivy, who’s currently five, is the perfect way for her to celebrate every member of her family.

The pair were joined by bestie Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé’s cousin Angie.

As you can tell, they got into the music. A few fans on Instagram also managed to spot Jay-Z enjoying the show in the crowd as well.

Based on the videos (and the fact that Kendrick Lamar is pretty incredible) we wish we could have been there too!

Lamar is right in the middle of a tour. Last night’s show was in Los Angeles, and he’ll be playing two more dates there tonight and tomorrow. Then, he’ll be playing a few more California venues before traveling east to cities like Chicago and Columbus, Ohio.

As for Blue Ivy, we’re sure she probably has a few more concerts in her future. Prepped with a pair of earmuffs (since these things can get pretty loud) and her best dancing skills, she’s already well equipped for her next show.

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