Beyoncé almost fell down the stairs during the On the Run II tour, but she recovered like a queen

Beyoncé is without a doubt the queen of the stage. Whether she’s headlining at Coachella, rockin’ the Super Bowl, or stunning at the On the Run II tour, Bey knows how to give a commanding performance. But she’s also a total pro at smoothly navigating unexpected stage malfunctions—a fact she proved during a recent On the Run II show in Nashville.

Allow us to set the stage: At a certain point during the show, Beyoncé walked down the stairs in stiletto heels. But then came a moment where it seemed she might slip and fall, Teen Vogue reports. Now, a mere mortal would have fallen and gotten back up to recover. But because she’s Beyoncé, she was able to stop herself mid-fall, push herself back up again, and continue walking down the stairs. AS IF IT WERE NOTHING.

Do you know what kind of leg muscles and core you need to pull off a move that graceful? It almost looked like she did it on purpose. No ankle wobble could ever stop her! We always knew Bey was super coordinated, but this takes our apprecation to the next level. Nothing can throw her off her game.

Beyoncé: one million points. Stairs: zero.

How does she do it?!

While some comments have attributed the recovery to magic, others thanked her cycling class. One person even suggested that she has someone push her during rehearsals so she can practice the recovery.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll always be impressed with Beyoncé’s skills. And we can’t wait to see what incredible feats she has in store for the rest of the On the Run II tour.

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