Beyoncé and Adele are both performing at the Grammys and we couldn’t be more psyched

Hello, it’s us. We were wondering if you’re as psyched about Adele and Beyoncé performing at the 2017 Grammys as we are. A few weeks back when the Grammy nominees were announced, ecstatic was the only word to describe how we felt about both singers receiving nods for song, record and album of the year awards. But the fact that these two powerhouses are both performing will likely make this the best Grammy Awards of all times.

Honestly, we need a minute to process this and pull it together again because this news has us feeling like 2017 already loves us loads more than this current wretched year that has yet to unleash us from its evil hold.

If it isn’t already obvious by now, we are beyond desperate to feel wonderful things, so we hope you’ll understand why we plan to milk this Beyoncé and Adele sitch for all it’s worth. It’s actually awesome news and we are *so* grateful that neither of the singers turned down the gig, which has actually happened, says telecast producer Ken Ehrlich.

According to Idolator, Ehrlich revealed this interesting tidbit of info during Billboard‘s Grammy roundtable interview.

"Very few people say no to the Grammys," Ehrlich said. "Of all the years I’ve been doing the show, there have been three or four acts who’ve absolutely said no."

He wouldn’t reveal the artists who passed on taking the Grammys statge, but at this point we kind of don’t care because BEYONCÉ AND ADELE, YOU GUYSSS.

"Absolutely not," Ehrlich said when asked to name the Grammy-shunning artists. "But I can tell you that Adele and Beyoncé are not two of them. We have every anticipation that both of them will be with us in February."

C’mon, Adele and Bey. Please don’t do us wrong. Regardless of who wins the most awards, we need both of you to show up and bring it February 12 on CBS. No pressure at all, but our sanity depends on it.

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