Beyoncé has officially acknowledged the Beyoncé Barbie Instagram

For those who may be unaware, I am delighted to inform you that the Barbie version of Beyoncé has been living her best life on Instagram since mid-September.

@BeyonceBarbieLife features the iconic performer in doll form, acting out IRL scenarios fit for a Queen Bee.

Here is a still of her performance in the "Formation" music video!

Watch her slay on stage!

The intricacy and precision required to create these looks in doll form is astounding.

And now, the one and only real life Beyoncé Knowles has officially acknowledged the magical internet gift that is Beyoncé Barbie.

Earlier today, Bey re-posted the following two images on her own Instagram account:

Here is mini Bey at the record store, buying a vinyl of her sister Solange’s profound and critically-acclaimed album, A Seat at the Table — which is especially precious considering that mere days agog, IRL Bey used Insta to express  deep pride over her sister’s artistic achievement.

Beyoncé re-posted this image as well:


We love Bey in all forms <3

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