Betty White’s review of “Deadpool” is the greatest thing you’ll watch today

We (and the rest of the world) have been so, so excited for Deadpool, the Marvel movie about our fave anti-hero starring Ryan Reynolds. And guys, it’s finally here. February 12th: The premiere. Initially, we thought no one was more excited than us, but it turns out that Betty White is the actual biggest fan, and she has given a pretty stellar, curse-laden review that we personally think should be added to the end of the film, TBH.

In a YouTube video posted by Ryan Reynolds, Betty chats about Deadpool, which she calls “glorious” and gives “four Golden Girls.” (Four Golden Girls given by Betty White? That’s the most prestigious non-award we’ve ever heard!) And she really enjoys watching Ryan Reynolds do his thing in his red leather suit, which we can honestly understand.

Listen to Betty’s, erm, unconventional review — which Ryan calls the “best review ever” — including why she agrees that this movie is the most anticipated movie of the year. . . and why she thinks it’s kind of a family-friendly flick.

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