Betty White shares her one regret and it’s so tragically romantic

Betty White, our fave potty-mouthed grandma, Golden Girl, SNL host, philanthropist, most nominated woman for the Emmy Award, and all-around lovable human being, had some surprisingly sad things to share with Oprah on Oprah: Where Are They Now? recently. As one of the giddiest and most cheerful people on planet earth, it came as a surprise to EVERYONE when Betty revealed she had one major regret. And it had nothing to do with her incredibly successful career.

Oprah asked her, “At 93, do you have any BIG regrets?” And to this question, Betty White told her that she refused Allen Ludden’s (her husband who passed away from stomach cancer in 1981) hand in marriage for an entire year.

“That I spent a whole year, wasted a whole year, that Allen and I could have had together. [I said], no, I wouldn’t marry him. Saying, no, I won’t leave California. No, I won’t move to New York,” Betty told Oprah.

And we get it. As a career woman and very successful person, it can be hard to sacrifice a huge part of your life to be with someone —no matter how much you love them.

“I wasted a whole year we could have had together,” she says. “But we made it. We finally did,” Betty added. The two eventually did get married in 1963, and spent 18 beautiful years together. For that, Betty White is eternally grateful.

We, on the other hand, are sobbing buckets. It turns out Betty White has the magnificent capacity to make us laugh until we cry, and cry until we cry some more.

Here are some vintage photos of Betty White to get you through this weepy day:

You can watch the entire interview on Oprah: Where Are They Now? tomorrow at 9pm (ET) on OWN.

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