Betty White prank called James Corden, because of course she did

Betty White is 93 years old. Let me rephrase that: Betty White is 93 years young. The legendary actress is always finding new ways to be hilariously charming, be it drinking on air with David Letterman or making us laugh in a Super Bowl commercial. Naturally, her latest stunt did not disappoint.

She was recently a guest on The Late Late Show and had a little pre-show fun with host James Corden. Apparently Betty is a big fan of hidden-camera pranks, which works out extremely well for us viewers.

The gag starts out simple enough. Someone tells Corden, “Betty White is on the phone.” (Six words I long to hear in my own life.) And things escalate from there.

“I hope you don’t think I’m too fresh for calling you,” she starts. “I just have a few requests.”

Betty goes on to list her requests — which read more like crazy over-the-top celebrity demands — including changes to the room’s aesthetic and a ton of yellow M&Ms.

“Cream is just brown milked down,” she whines about the color of the walls. Can’t argue with that. Watch the full prank below! LOL with us. LOL with Betty.

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