So, Betty White can dab better than Cam Newton

This is Cameron Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. He invented a victory dance called, “The Dab,” which people liked so much that they turned it into a verb. Like, you dab, she dabs, we dab. You get it.


This is Betty White. She’s 94 years old. And apparently she can dab like a pro.


While most who attempt to dab mistake the move to be a fake sneeze, Betty clearly understands that dabbing requires an almost ballet-level of grace. The Golden Girls star showed off her skills during the star-studded pre-game video directed by Ron Howard, but then took to Twitter to let the world know where Cam Newton learned the dance in the first place:

The Internet has erupted with amazement at Betty’s sweet moves.

Some even think that Betty White’s dab should have earned her the MVP.

Thank you for being you, Betty.

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