Bette Midler just put everyone else’s Marie Antoinette costume to shame

We didn’t think she could outdo her 2016 Winifred Sanderson costume, but she definitely did. Bette Midler dressed as Marie Antoinette this Halloween, and as per usual, she put so much attention into every detail.

Midler wore her costume to her annual party that she throws to help benefit the New York Restoration Project, which helps to beautify public spaces in the city.  The event is called “Hulaween,” and Midler always manages to have an incredible turnout. This year, talents like Dita Von Teese, Michael Kors, Bernadette Peters, and Victor Garber were reportedly in attendance.

We need to give her credit for such a dazzling portrayal of the former Queen of France.


Forget about Halloween — that Marie Antoinette dress is something we’d love to wear anywhere.

A lot of Midler’s guests were just as invested in their costumes this year. For example, here’s Midler and Kors, who decided to bring a few props to make his costume pop.


Kors served as a costume judge at the gala this year, according to a write-up by Vogue. The magazine also credits Douglas Little, an event planner and visual designer, for making Midler’s party so colorful and unique. In Little’s eyes, it has a lot to do with lighting and themes.

For example, this year’s Hulaween was themed as “the Garden of Earthly Delights,” and based on the photos that have been released, it’s obvious that they hit the mark.


Not only is Hulaween an event we’d love to attend, but we’d also love to chat with Midler about her costume inspiration. Year after year, she knows exactly how to do Halloween right.