Bette Midler just tweeted about ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ so we need a minute

SISTAHS. There’s some brand new news about Hocus Pocus 2, just in time for All Hallows Eve! It was only a year ago that word first broke that Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson would be summoned again to follow up their 1993 Halloween classic. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy are all game for the sequel, but, er, they’ve hit a little snag with making it happen. See… there’s been a bit of a delay.

Midler – who is our go-to for everything HP2 related right now — Tweeted out news that the sequel has hit a bump in the road, and blames it on the fact that the Walt Disney Company can’t find a virgin.

If you’re thinking, “that’s a really off-color joke to make, Bette” then you need to watch Hocus Pocus about a bazillion more times. In the OG film, the sisters can only be resurrected on All Hallows Eve when a virgin lights the Black Flame Candle. So see? That’s the reason they’re not back in our lives yet.

They’ve got enough candles (bought out the whole supply, I bet). They’re still waiting on the right person to light it. Blame it on the spell that calls for someone VERY SPECIFIC to bring the back to life and back to the big screen.

So our beloved Hocus Pocus sequel is not completely off the table, it’s only a delay. We can work with this. Maybe not wait 300 years like Binx had to wait in the movie, but we can wait a little bit longer.

(Image via Disney.)