Bethenny Frankel filled up private jets with relief aid for Puerto Rico, because not all heroes wear capes

Listen, we don’t all have private jets at our disposal, but Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel’s can-do spirit in sending aid to Puerto Rico is an example of philanthropy at its best.

Since the president seemed more interested in tossing paper towels into the audience than providing real aid to the citizens of Puerto Rico, humanitarians have to take things into their own hands. Enter: Bethenny Frankel.

When a hurricane first hit Houston, Frankel pivoted her B Strong charity from a Dress for Success affiliate to a catch-all humanitarian effort helping anyone in a crisis. Unsure of where her money would go if she donated to another organization, Frankel went with cash and supplies and flew right to the people who needed it. When the earthquake ravaged Mexico City, Frankel helicoptered into the city and literally handed cash to people on the streets.

When it came time to help the citizens of Puerto Rico, Frankel chartered the first private plane herself and convinced three other friends with planes to lend theirs. (As of this tweet, it looks like she’s sent even more since then.) She filled each plane with food, money, water, and supplies and even brought people from Puerto Rico back to the states to receive medical attention.

“We got a 4th plane headed to PR and working on a 5th! I’m bringing $25k in Costco gift cards, $25k in cash gift cards and approximately 15k lbs of food, water and medical supplies. With the planes return we will be able to transport PR citizens stateside to get medical attention,” she wrote on Instagram.

“And just like that, people just pull together. And then you’re like, ‘I gotta fill this damn plane [and not waste any space or fuel]!’ So Feeding America and City Harvest came with meals. Guardians of Rescue came with stuff for dogs. Someone came with insulin. I went to Costco for pediatric stuff,” Frankel wrote in an essay on

It’s inspiring to see someone take action in such an immediate way. And here are several ways you can help the citizens of Puerto Rico right now.

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