In the 1970s Bethann Hardison changed fashion, now she’s stripping down to share her wisdom

StyleLikeU has released their latest video in their “What’s Underneath” series, a powerful exploration of style, identity, and body image. Their latest participant is Bethann Hardison, a fashion icon who brought down major barriers for women of color in the fashion industry in the 1970s.

Hardison’s credits include being one of the first black runway models, serving as a style muse, starting her own modeling agency, and working with the Diversity Coalition to fight for more diverse representation on the runway. Essentially, she is an industry queen.

Hardison’s “What’s Underneath” video showcases her life and work, and reminds us just how incredibly inspiring this woman is. It’s also an absolutely remarkable breathe of fashion fresh air!

Clocking in at just under 10 minutes, Hardison shares her experience as a young woman being “popular” in the white world of fashion, an industry that still very much struggles with a lack of diversity. She also discusses her pursuit of happiness, starting her agency, her greatest accomplishments, and the role she’s carved out as a diversity advocate.

Hardison’s work at keeping the fashion industry accountable has opened doors and changed the lives for countless women of color pursuing careers in the field. Her constant dedication to changing the way diversity is approached in her industry is a testament to the strength of ongoing change. Seeing her explore those topics while taking on the body-positive “What’s Underneath” message is truly inspiring!

Check out the video. It’s a can’t miss.

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