These besties shared selfies every single day, for a year

Meet Anne Massoni and Chelsy Usher, two young women who realized they were BFF material immediately after they discovered they were neighbors in a small town in Maryland. According to The Cut, their friendship basically happened overnight. “It was a very fast, quick ignite of friendship. I think we both sensed that we were artistically minded,” Massoni told The Cut.

When Massoni and Usher learned they had to move away from each other (Massoni relocated to Memphis when she accepted a teaching position, and Usher joined the Coast Guard in San Diego), it still didn’t alter the loyalty and love they had for each other. Massoni told The Cut, “We left with this parting commitment to find a way to stay in touch through unconventional means, whether it was through handmade postcards, or random art projects that could be delivered in the mail. Neither one of us was particularly invested in phone calls or long, drawn-out emails, so we had said, it’ll either be visual or it won’t happen.”

As a solution to their long-distance problem and issues with time constraints, they decided to send each other selfies every day, for an entire year. The girls ended up sending each other a total of 1,630 selfies, which turned into a photo project titled “Yours and Mine.” Their simple rule was to send at least one selfie a day, no matter where or when. Massoni and Usher didn’t allow themselves to “talk, text, or exchange words at all” (except for the occasions they visited each other IRL).

Here are a few shots from “Yours and Mine”:

The photos are especially personal and earnest. Looking through these clips, you can sense the deep connection Massoni and Usher have with each other, that they love one another truly and honestly. They’re also reflective of how we, as 21st century humans with friends who may live in different cities, states, or countries, are able to nurture our relationships and keep them alive. Hello, future.

Images via “Yours and Mine”