All the signs you’re going to be besties with someone you just met

While friends come and go, some are meant to stay, and you can tell this within hours of meeting them and getting to know them. There’s something special about a friendship that feels unique and long lasting right off the bat, but how do you know you’ve found your forever friend? There are some things you can just feel – they can’t be explained, but you know the relationship is going to be a good one. The others can be found if you can check ‘yes’ next to each of the twelve signs below.

1. You have the same ridiculous sense of humor. There’s nothing better than meeting someone who just gets the things you think are hilarious…without any explanation.

2. They are immediately there for you, in good times and in bad. It may seem strange to call someone you just met when you’re going through a crisis, but if they are the first person you think of when the problem strikes AND they answer the phone at all hours? Well, they are a keeper. For life.

3. You have really random things in common. I met a girl last year who has bizarre things in common with me, from the way we grew up to our family size (huge!) to strange facts about our individual lives. Her daughter even has the same unique name and birthday as my daughter and we have tons of the same furniture. Coincidence? I think not.

4. You know everything about each other within several days of meeting. This may seem like jumping the gun a little bit, but for some people, it just feels right to share anything and everything about yourself.

5. They feel like family. There are times when you meet new people who just make you feel comfortable, almost as if you’ve known them forever. I love this. To me, feeling like family is the best feeling you can get from a friendship.

6. Talking to them automatically puts you in a good mood. Even when times are hard and you are feeling a bit down, talking to this person lifts your spirits without any effort.

7. There’s zero judgment in the relationship. Past relationship mistakes, current embarrassing obsessions, and ridiculous decisions are all forgiven. Or not even noticed.

8. You don’t feel like you have to be ‘on.’ From the first time you met, you didn’t feel like you had perform, and even when you’re tired, or in a mood, or not feeling your sharpest, you instantly feel at ease when they’re around.

9. You make plans for the future. A lot of plans. I love when you just click with someone and you instantly start throwing around movies you need to see together, trips you want to take and stuff you want to introduce each other to. It’s like being around them reminds you how much there is to see and do. Yup, those friends are keepers.

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