The year’s 10 best WTF TV moments

Television was great this year. No seriously, it was amazing. TV has been great in the past before, of course, and it’ll be great again in the future. But then there are the moments that leave us scratching our heads, wondering what the heck just happened.

Even the best TV shows have some crazy WTF moments. Along with 2015 being one of the best years for television, it also gave way to lots of moments that got us talking. From deaths, to more deaths, to a few fake out deaths (MAYBE?), to one horrible show cancellation, here are the biggest WHAT THE? moments from the past year. Spoilers ahead, but hopefully you’ve binged everything by now.

10. Don Draper shares a smile, Mad Men 

Not so much TF? as it is W? It was more like a, “huh?” After seven seasons of watching Don Draper struggle with internal — and lots of external — demons, he finally found some inner peace. Probably.  It’s hard to tell. Either way, he learned how to smile ever so slightly, and then decided to buy the whole world a Coke.

9. The Rayburn kids take matters into their own hands, Bloodline

Have you watched Bloodline yet on Netflix? Please do. It’s a slow-burning binge that pays off in the last two episodes of the season. First, eldest Rayburn child, John, let his younger brother, Danny, drown. Then, to hide the body, John hides it on a boat, and then sets the boat on fire. If that’s not enough, the Rayburn kids get away with it. No one suspects them! That is, until Danny’s long-lost son shows up in the final seconds of the season finale. Say whaaaat?

8. Piper’s new prison mantra, Orange is the New Black

Undoubtedly, one of the best additions to this season of Orange is the New Black was Ruby Rose’s Stella. She was awesome, she was amazing, and Rose suddenly became one of our favorite people in the world. Then as quickly as she walked into Litchfield, she was being taken away down to max security prison, thanks to one OMG back-stabbing move from Piper. That white-ink tattoo wasn’t mean to inspire all of Piper’s actions, but it clearly did. Trust no b%*&#.

7. Glenn’s fate is up in the air, Walking Dead

Glenn’s MIA status kept many of us up at night. We saw of him fall into a swarm of walkers, and they looked pretty determined to eat him. As walkers do. It seemed like he was a goner for a few episodes, and it was a major bummer. Thankfully he came back, and we stopped freaking out. No need to say goodbye to Glenn (yet).

6. We said goodbye to McDreamy, Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is already a show that packs an emotional punch. And then they had to go and kill of Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd, and no, we’re never going to recover. After stopping his car, like a good Samaritan/doctor, to help out at the scene of a car crash, he became the next victim. Meredith rushed to his side, but the hospital he ended up at couldn’t save him. Mer painfully decided to take him off life support, and our insides shattered.

5. ¯_(ツ)_/¯, True Detective

Remember how True Detective season one sucked you in, and kept you hanging on right up until the end (when Marty and Rust stared at the stars)? True Detective season two sucked us in too… and then things got weird. Things got really weird. Nothing made sense. There was lots of mythology and bird imagery and a character named Antigone. Love it or hate, you can’t deny it was 8 episodes of “WTF?”

4. Darlene is Elliot’s sister, Mr. Robot 

Every single person on the planet got hooked on Mr. Robot this summer for many different reasons (its stellar star, Rami Malek, is reason number one, of course). So yeah, everyone watching was surprised, and shocked, and confused — just as much as Elliot — when after kissing Darlene, he remembered that they’re related. They’re siblings!? Elliot managed to repress all memories of her. If that’s not enough, the next twist is that Mr. Robot is their dad.

3. The Mindy Project was CANCELED

Where were you when you learned Mindy Project had been canceled? After four delightful seasons on Fox, they dimmed the lights on our Mindy Lahiri. Commence: extreme freak out. It was a rough time for us all. Thankfully, it didn’t last too long, and Hulu swooped in and saved the day. But for a solid week, there were lots of tears.

2. A is finally revealed, Pretty Little Liars

After five and a half VERY STRESSFUL seasons, countless theories, half a dozen dead bodies, and more text messages than we can count, A took of the black hoodie. And all along it had been… CeCe Drake?!!!

1. Everything about Jon Snow, Game of Thrones

Do you realize Game of Thrones ended in June, and now it’s December, and we’re still talking about Jon Snow? If HBO was looking to create nine-month long hype, they succeeded in doing so.

In the final moments of the Season 5 GoT finale, Jon was stabbed. Super inconvenient for us, the show’s caught up to the books, so NO ONE knows Jon’s fate. Is he alive? Is he dead? Can Kit Harrington stop wandering around near the GoT shooting locations with long, curly hair? It’s making us highly suspicious. See you again in April… maybe?

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