The First Lady loves this workout just as much as you do

Attention: We’ve finally discovered the secret behind Michelle Obama’s amazingly toned arms. And guess what? You can achieve them too! All you need to do is become a SoulCycle junkie.

SoulCycle is a cycling studio, but make no mistake — this is not your average spin class. It’s more of a combination dance party and seriously sweaty therapy session. One with mantras and good vibes and candles and neon spandex and THE best music. Some joke that SoulCycle is a cult, because for hardcore devotees, it’s a way of life.

The workout is popular with celebrities like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Kelly Ripa. Oh, and Michelle Obama. The First Lady has always made fitness and healthy eating priorities, and she definitely practices what she preaches. But why not have private sessions at the White House? Surely that could be arranged, right? Well, there’s simply nothing like experiencing a SoulCycle class in the studio. And when she visits, she gets the royal treatment.

Mrs. Obama has been known to attend the SoulCycle 14th Street, Mount Vernon and West End studios in Washington, D.C. But don’t expect to see her hanging in the locker room or dropping into your class any time soon — she arranges private rides, held outside of regular class hours. If you’ve ever tapped it back at SoulCycle, you know that a post-ride photo opp is NOT cute. She does, however, ride with her daughters sometimes.

“I love it when my girls join me for a little SoulCycle,” the First Lady said in a Twitter video last year. “We all are in the dark, moving to the beat on the bikes. We love it.”

And SoulCycle loves Michelle right back. How could they not?

“We’re enormous fans of her,” said co-founder Julie Rice.

(Featured image via Flickr.)

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