Best Ways to Spend a Snow Day When You’re No Longer a Kid

Snow: no matter how many times it happens this year, it seems it will always happen again. We can’t stop it–and a lot of times your office or college won’t even cancel the day, which means you will slip and slide and freeze intermittently for a full 8-10 hours.

But sometimes something miraculous happens and you are granted the ultimate prize: A SNOW DAY. Seeing as these are rare little nuggets of freedom, you should do everything in your power not to squander it.  Make sure to do at least a few of these super fun things on your day off:

Get organized.

I know you’re thinking, “WOW. Geez. Work?! You’re gonna come out the gate with more stuff to do? I’m 1000% done with this list already.” – but just hear me out. Some of the most lasting memories I have of delectable snow days simply involved figuring out my under bed storage situation or actually putting my clothes into their correct drawers. You don’t have to make a full day out of it, but that tiny morsel of self-improvement will last long after the snow melts.

Drink all the warm beverages.

Instead of subsisting on coffee to stay alert, try out all those teas that have been collecting dust in your cupboards. Get some hot chocolate. Whip up some cider. Nothing romanticizes “you time” like something sweet and warm to accompany your entertainment choices…

Read an entire book (or watch an entire feature-length movie) without the disruption of the Internet.

I feel like it cannot just be me. No… Collectively, as a world, our attention spans have dwindled. We get bored too easily and we have to be doing at least 2 things at once. Today, I challenge you to pick up a book and read it–tea close at hand, for at least 2 hours. Don’t check your twitter. Don’t text your significant other. Designate time to just relax and be carried off on a fictional journey.

Venture into the snow and PLAY!

As we get older, the need to experience sub-freezing temperatures and dampen our socks, mittens and pants subsides. This must have something to do with the ever-present danger of falling on ice, ruining suede shoes, and a general aversion to cold-weather sports. It sounds totally unsavory, but give yourself a pass and play. Maybe start slowly in your old(er) age and shovel a path until it is completely clean. Throw down some salt. Use those sidelined piles of snow to create a tiny snowman, and work your way up to a medium sized snowman. Make a snow angel and instagram it. Enjoy nature, because “bad weather” is a manmade concept.

Take a long relaxing bath.

This might be difficult if your roommates are gross and your tub is un-bathe-in-able. Still- a quick cleaning/de-hairing is worth getting lost in the bubbles and burning your favorite scented candles. Put your spotify on your relaxing playlist and let that water warm up your tired little bones. You’re worth the pampering, and today is the day.

What are your favorite snow day activities? Let me know in the comments!

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