4 Best Ways to Declutter Your Mind in 2023, According To Experts

From an organized space to self-care, experts share their best tips on how to keep a clear head.

We sometimes treat our minds like a smartphone full of clickable apps. One minute you’re thinking about the weather; the next, you’re wondering if your friend is ghosting you; next, you’re thinking about who your latest celebrity crush took to the party instead while you stayed home with the kids. (Wait, where are the kids again?)

Your thoughts can continue like this day in and day out. Your brain resembles an email inbox, full of messages read and unread but never erased. Excessive thoughts can prevent you from having a stress-free life, which leads to mental clutter. Let’s cancel that subscription in 2023!

Here are four surefire ways to declutter your mind, straight from experts.

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1. Declutter your physical space

Organize Space

Experts agree that a simple way to help declutter the mind is to start with decluttering your physical space. Physical clutter can cause the mind to be overstimulated because it can’t focus on one thing. Have you ever walked into a cluttered space? How did it make you feel? Try to start 2023 with a less cluttered space!

Mari Kondo, author of the New York Times Bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up helps people declutter their homes using the KonMari Method, by keeping items that only spark joy. The concept sparked the Netflix series Tidying Up with Mari Kondo, where she helps real people do just that. 

In a past interview, Kondo shared this with HelloGiggles: “The KonMari Method isn’t meant to make your home tidy for a short time. Rather, it is an experience you go through using your heart and mind. Tidying for yourself is essential to hone your sensitivity to joy and decision-making skills. By doing so, you will understand what is important in your life.”

She also shared that to celebrate the Japanese New Year, she likes to wipe the door and entrance of her home to allow a new wind to flow. 

2. Incorporate self-care activities 

Woman Meditating

Self-care is the best care when you are trying to quiet the mind. There are no rules for mental decluttering activities, and you can be creative. Emilio Jose Garcia, the co-founder of KW Professional Organizers, suggests: “Find activities that you can do solo that requires little time or money. Activities can include deep breaths, jumping up and down, petting your dog or cat, drinking coffee or tea, or taking a bath.”

Self-care activities can also incorporate working on your physical clutter. Are you stressing over the pile of mail on your desk? Take 15 minutes to review it, and see how you feel afterward. Take another 5 minutes, and do a TikTok victory dance. Does your bathroom need to be cleaned? Take 15 minutes, and scrub your tub while singing your favorite Ariana Grande song.

If you have more time, you can add more extended decluttering activities.

“Do the opposite of what currently has your mind cluttered. Try something physical to declutter if your mind is overstimulated from sitting at your computer. If working from home has limited your interactions with people, try a social activity,” Garcia advises. “Add a creative activity if your job requires many structured applications like charts and graphs. Your activities can also include spending time with loved ones to create memories.”

3. Place time limits on your social media interactions

Woman Social Media

Garcia also says, “Place time limits on your social media interactions by asking specific questions.” How much time do I have for this right now? Am I logging onto TikTok to learn something? Do I have time to get lost on Instagram for 20 minutes? Am I here to stalk my old boyfriend’s new girlfriend? Whatever the case, a good idea is to have a limit. There are even apps like BlocSite that help you focus by blocking certain sites at specific times.

4. Control Obsessive Thinking

Sometimes mental clutter can manifest into obsessive thinking. Focus on the here and now by incorporating your five senses. What can you hear, see, smell, taste, or touch to ground you now?

Garcia suggests, “Channel obsessive thinking by using it to examine your mental thought patterns. Ask yourself; What am I feeling? What triggers this emotion? When do I go into these thinking patterns? Become honest with yourself, and shine a light on the truth. Forgive yourself, and find ways to shift your thinking to be present.”

2023 like any other year, will be filled with many highs and lows. Taking time to declutter your mind will allow you to appreciate the triumphs and tackle the obstacles.




















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