So THIS is apparently the right way to make a To-Do list and get stuff done like a #BOSS

Most of us are familiar with the idea of a To-Do list. Usually they’re scribbled on the back of a napkin and there’s a 50/50 chance we’ll lose them.

Most of us are probably also familiar with the idea of writing too many things on those lists, which basically sets ourselves up for failure when we don’t accomplish everything.

BUT WAIT! Turns out we’ve been going about things kinda wrong, and there’s a WAY more efficient to-do list strategy called the Ivy Lee method. And it’s been around for like 100 years.


So how does this life-changing method work, you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

Apparently, you limit yourself to SIX items max per day, and only things that are really a priority.

The next most important point is to list your tasks in order of importance. That way, when you start working, you will theoretically do the most important thing on the list first. And if you only do one thing on the list, you’ve already accomplished the thing you needed to do most!


Also, apparently the key is to be persistent! The method stresses the importance of sticking to it every day until you have your tasks complete.

Okay, this might actually be a challenge we’re willing to accept. Now, does anyone have a pencil?!

H/T Motto