19 best tweets about last night’s “Girls” finale, because we need all the Twitter support we can get

We didn’t want to let go, but we were forced to say goodbye to Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna, and Jessa in last night’s finale of the beloved HBO series Girls. Although we already waved farewell to Shoshanna and Jessa in last week’s penultimate episode, we knew a lot more was going to go down between Hannah and Marnie before the end credits rolled.

Watching Hannah negotiate the relationship between womanhood and motherhood with her new son Grover (the ludicrous name Paul-Louis suggested a few episodes back) was a lot of things — emotional, hilarious, painfully accurate, and just downright painful. We also couldn’t help but wonder why Marnie insisted on living upstate with Hannah and playing house, while also attempting to keep up an online sex life. But we’ve learned over the past several years that Girls doesn’t tend to give you the kind of happy ending you’re looking for with their compelling characters (which is the only explanation as to why Ray and Shoshanna didn’t end up together). Therefore, we can’t say we’re surprised.

So where do we turn when we feel confused, disappointed, or even upset about the turnout of our favorite show? Twitter, of course! In 140 characters, people explain all the Girls feelings we were unable to articulate.

Here are the 19 best tweets about last night’s Girls finale.

Naturally, people had a few lighthearted things to say about Hannah’s baby.


Here are some, er, alternative endings we didn’t think of.



Come on, we have to talk about Hannah’s mom.


And now onto Marnie.



When Twitter makes you feel better about your own dysfunctional friendships.

We’ll miss you, Girls!

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