Here are the best tweets from last night’s iPhone X pre-order rush

Early this morning (at 3AM to be precise), Apple opened its online store for the pre-order of its latest toy. Yes, you guessed correctly: the pre-order for the iPhone X has officially begun. Apple is banking heavily on the newest version of the iPhone, hoping the hype will pay off. Sales for the iPhone 8 have been less than inspiring, and reportedly trade-ins for the phone are unusually high. But if the pre-order for the new phone is any hint of things to come, Apple may have a change of luck.

The iPhone X is already backordered.

It may only be the pre-order, but it looks like getting an iPhone X is going to be a challenge. Demand for the new phone is completely unprecedented. There’s already a 5-6 week backorder on devices, and they haven’t even technically gone on sale yet. Those that managed to make it onto the site had to deal with numerous frustrating technical difficulties. false

Others were put off by the hefty price tag (the iPhone X will set you back around $1000). false

A few were confused about the order of iPhones, and wanted to know where the heck the iPhone 9 is at.

Meanwhile some Twitter users were wondering about everyone’s priorities.

If you missed out on the pre-sale (or your computer wasn’t cooperating), don’t panic. The iPhone X officially goes on sale November 3rd. And if the pre-sale has taught us anything, it’s that showing up early is probably a good idea.

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